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Cochlear Implant University – for teens who are transitioning from high school to college

The Cochlear Implant School Toolkit – for parents, children and teachers

Cochlear Implant Support Center – resources for older adults





 Welcome to hippkids!

Welcome to hippkids- HEARING IMPAIRED PEN PALS

Hippkids is a pen pal program specifically designed to bring children and teens with hearing loss together to foster friendship and community. Even though hearing loss is one of the world’s most common disabilities, you might not know another young person or adult with hearing loss in your local community. Through Hippkids, you can be connected to other children and teens so that you can express yourself, share experiences, and increase your reading, writing, and vocabulary skills in a fun, inclusive environment. Make life-long friends and connect with others from wherever you are in the world! 






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Companies Involved with Hearing Loss:

Schools Programs for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Hospitals and Centers – Local New Jersey/NYC

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Tri-State Area LSLS Lists

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