SHIP SHIP Hooray – Celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month


Celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month


The month of May marks a very meaningful and busy time for students in the Secondary Hearing Impaired Program (SHIP program) here at Midland Park High School.  It is Better Hearing and Speech Month and the 8th graders have been working on ways to raise awareness since March!  It began with a plan to set up a display table in the halls of their school, but it quickly grew into something much larger than that.  Fliers were created and displayed all over the halls with an emblem to represent the SHIP program, which the students designed themselves (see picture below), but these dedicated students did not stop there.  They printed stickers with that very same emblem, enough to distribute to each student and staff member in the building, so that they could all partake in Better Hearing and Speech Month as well.  As if that wasn’t enough, these 8th graders used that emblem to design their own tee-shirts, paired with the words “SHIP, SHIP Hooray” on the back, which has become known as our program logo of sorts.  They also created an order form, and took orders from staff and students alike, so that others could purchase and proudly wear tee-shirts, too.  With the help of Mr. Joseph Catanese (active member of AG Bell and proud parent of a SHIP student) these tee-shirt orders were then uploaded to the NJ AG Bell store website, where they can be seen and ordered online!  After all that hard work, it’s a good thing the 8th graders had an awareness table all prepared and ready to go…they needed a moment to sit down, relax, and take it all in.  Sat they did, but relax, not quite.  The table was jam-packed with visitors.  Read all about their roles in their own words, below.


Francisco S…


My role at the BHSM table was to show artifacts of listening devices like Cochlear Implants, and hearing aids. The part that I liked best about sitting at the awareness table was seeing people’s faces and reactions when they listened to what it sounds like through a cochlear implant. If I could do it again, then I would want to experience a different role and be a little more creative with decorations.


Tajanna S…


My role at the table was “Hearing Health” and this was especially for teens, who wear earbuds. I also offered information about classroom acoustics and protecting one’s hearing. I liked showing information to those who stopped by the table. The best part of the awareness table was when people used headphones and to listened to the simulation video and they said it was amazing! Also, the best part was the equipment from the old amplification to new ones. Everyone who visited the table said it was pretty cool.


Abigail D…


My role at the table was sharing information about hearing loss and a video about what it would sound like listening through a Cochlear Implant. What I liked about my job was that I was able to find a video that simulates how I hear through a cochlear implant and what it’s like to be deaf. The best part about the table was looking at everyone’s faces and seeing that they were truly amazed by the information they were getting. If I were to do this again next year, I would use a real implant, along with using a checking device. It would really amaze everyone if they heard it in real life, instead of just listening to the video. I loved the table and wish to share what I know about implants with the world!

Ryoya E…


My job at the BHSM awareness table was to explain the anatomy of the human ear. I showed how small the human ear can be by comparing some bones to some U. S. coins. In addition, I explained the path of sound through the ear. I liked how I showed the poster I made for my role at the table to the people passing by; we’ve spread awareness. It was a great experience to see people interested in the artifacts on the table. If I were to do it again, I would make the contents on my poster big enough to be seen from a mile!


Jayleen A…


For Better Hearing and Speech Month, my role at the awareness table was to hand out stickers with the SHIP emblem, which my peers and I designed ourselves. I also collected, typed and displayed quotes of advice written by other students in the SHIP program. they offered words of advice on their own hearing loss, to their friends and teachers. The best part of this project was when I got to talk to students about the video and I handed out many stickers. If I could do it again, I would talk about types of hearing loss as well. I would try to talk more, and have people ask me questions.


Congratulations to the 8th graders on a job well done!

They all worked hard to raise awareness, achieve their goals, and take pride in who they are.

SHIP, SHIP, Hooray…for you!


-Mrs. Coriat  (proud) SHIP Teacher


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